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Refund Policy

Terms & Conditions for In Bloom Rentals:

By choosing to rent our products, you are in agreement with the following terms and conditions:

Payments: We offer two payment options: full upfront payment or SHOP PAY, allowing payment to be split into four installments.

A minimum retainer of 25% of the total balance is required for all orders. This retainer will be deducted from the overall wedding/event cost.

Disclaimer: Renting our floral arrangements implies your understanding that while some flowers may resemble real ones and bear real names, most are artificial and may only resemble the real flowers they are named after.

The remaining balance must be settled at least 30 days before the wedding/event date. Failure to complete the payment by this deadline will result in the non-ordering of flowers and decor. In such cases, the contract may be terminated by In Bloom Rentals. If the contract can still be fulfilled after this period, a 10% fee will be added to the outstanding balance, increasing by 10% every seven days thereafter. Any additional costs due to delayed payments will be your responsibility.

Additions requested less than 30 days before the wedding/event can be considered up to seven days prior to the event and must be paid within 24 hours. However, availability of the same flowers cannot be guaranteed, and pricing will be adjusted accordingly to what is available, while striving to match color and style as closely as possible.

Substitutions: In Bloom Rentals reserves the right to make substitutions if the received flowers or decor do not meet the required quality for the wedding/event. Comparable flowers of equal value will be used while maintaining the integrity of the proposed look and color scheme. If dyed flowers are used, you will be informed; In Bloom Rentals is not liable for any staining to garments due to their usage.

Terms: Amendments to the invoice can be made until the balance is fully paid. However, a guaranteed minimum payment of 85% of the original proposal is required. In case of any liability, In Bloom Rentals' responsibility is limited to a full refund of monies paid, excluding the retainer fee.

Due to fluctuating flower prices, if fresh flowers are included in your rental, price increases may occur. You will be notified of these increases as soon as In Bloom Rentals becomes aware of them. An invoice for the additional cost will be sent, to be settled within 30 days of the event.

Product Handling: No rentals, including altars, arches, backdrops, or floral arrangements, can be left outside overnight. Arches cannot be exposed to rain due to potential damage. If inclement weather is expected, arrangements will be made to retrieve the items early. Moving, dismantling, or transporting our products without prior written consent is prohibited.

Damages beyond natural wear incurred while renting our items will result in a charge to your card equal to two times the rental price of the damaged item. Failure to return items within the rental agreement period will incur a charge of four times the rental cost, allowing you to keep the item. Your credit card information will be securely stored and deleted upon return of the items.

Communication of all decor plans to In Bloom Rentals is essential to maintain wedding/event consistency. Any decor not provided by In Bloom Rentals is not guaranteed, even if integrated with our items. Adjustments may be made to ensure overall consistency, and In Bloom Rentals cannot be held responsible in such instances.

Venue and Location Limitations: In Bloom Rentals adheres to the rules and guidelines of the venue and site management. It is your responsibility to negotiate any necessary adjustments with the officials, while we offer technical recommendations only. No refunds will be issued for unused items due to venue limitations not communicated to In Bloom Rentals.

Cancellations: A 90-day cancellation notice is required; otherwise, the retainer cannot be partially refunded. In the event of unforeseen circumstances (e.g., war, fire, tragedy, pandemic, natural disaster) within 90 days of the event, the retainer can be transferred to another date without charge.

Retainers will not be refunded in full; they will exclude payment processing fees, time spent in communication and event preparation, banking institution fees for refunds, and may include fees related to the online availability of rental items.

In Bloom Rentals reserves the right to terminate this contract if obligations cannot be met. Any amount paid, minus actual costs incurred by In Bloom Rentals up to that point, will be credited to you.

Any disputes related to this contract shall be settled through arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association, with hearings conducted in Peachtree City, GA, before a single arbitrator. Judgment on the arbitrator's award may be entered in any court with jurisdiction.