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Meet the Owners

Hi friend,

We are the Brewers

Let’s just briefly tell you about ourselves. I'm Tammy, born and raised in South Africa and now living just South of Atlanta with my husband, Jake (my incredible partner in this adventure), and our four boys.

Jake and I met in 2011 in South Africa on a Christian mission trip. Jake's love for the Lord and his knowledge of the Scriptures captivated me. With Jake living in the US, we dated long distance for four years and got married in 2015. Praise the Lord!

Fast forward 8 years, we have the blessing and privilege of raising four boys. Amidst his thriving career in real estate, Jake's unwavering support and active involvement are the pillars of our growing enterprise. Together our goal is to redefine elegance and affordability in the floral wedding industry, all while most Importantly glorifying Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through our lives.

My journey into the floral world began with a personal quest for exceptional blooms that wouldn't trigger allergies (thank you Georgia). Juggling the joy of raising four amazing boys, I channel my love for event planning into crafting breathtaking silk flower arches and aisle arrangements. My goal? To offer couples captivating floral arrangements radiating elegance, while keeping it affordable, minus the compromises.

For us, it's not just about flowers; it's about crafting enduring memories. Weddings hold a special place in our hearts as a divine union showcasing God's love for us through Christ.

Rooted in our deep love for family and a shared passion for serving others, Jake and I are on a mission to transform ordinary events into unforgettable moments through In Bloom Rentals. Our dedication to sourcing lifelike artificial flowers globally reflects our pursuit of unmatched quality for our cherished clients.

At In Bloom Rentals, every detail matters. We're driven by an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring every moment becomes picture-perfect. We're not simply curating floral arrangements; we're weaving a narrative of lasting beauty and grace.

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